Web App Maintenance

Web App Maintenance - Senior Software Developer | TechieDavid.com

Many brands, individuals, and companies have large and beautifully crafted sites that do not get visitors for years. Just because you have a functioning site doesn’t mean you are done. What happens behind the scenes? Sometimes search engines might not crawl your site because of code issues. Sometimes your site might crash because of too much traffic. And other times, your hosting plan might not be helping you.

These are all issues you might not consider whiles they hurt the operations of your business. That is when I come in. With many years of website management successes, I undertake a complete audit of your site, check for design issues, code problems, loading delays, and site crashes. I also check how search engines view your site.

After all these, I make sure that right from the code to design, from your loading time to hosting plan, I craft a road-map, that ensures that the site gets back to its feet – where visitors come without any crash issues. Where your site loads faster. And ensure that search engines see your site as a robust, excellent, user-friendly site and not as a spam-bot.

Why not leave the ‘behind the scenes’ work to me and worry about making your profit or increasing your brand awareness.

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