Since the first game developed in the 1950s, gaming has flourished into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. The boom in the mobile technology in the recent past years has brought a revolution in the gaming industry and has opened the doors for the gamers of the new generation. Certainly, mobile games have so much incorporated with the modern culture that even grandparents are fond of Angry Birds and PUBG.

As per the 2018 Global Games Market report, mobile games will generate $70.3 billion, which is almost 51% of total game revenue comes from the mobile segment, with smartphone accounting for 80% of revenue and 20% revenue is generated from tablets. Console gaming is the second largest segment producing $34.6 billion in 2018 followed by PC games generating $32.9 billion. This huge shift in the gaming industry has widened the gaming demographics and pushed it to the forefront of media attention.

The time-killing nature of mobile gaming is so attractive that combat games such as PUBG created a new milestone of 200 million downloads worldwide, which revenue growth of almost 166%, according to the leading news portal Business Today. Unlike other mobile games, PUBG is supported by dedicated developer communities which constantly update the game with visual improvements, seasonal events, royal passes, etc.

Earlier the gaming industry was monopolized by a limited number of companies. But, in recent years, companies such as Google and Apple have been looking their way up the ranking because of their earnings from the sales of games from their app stores.

This shows that the gaming industry is not going to slow down any sooner.

What’s Trending?

Mobile games are under the massive revolution. With technology advancement, mobile app developers have to remain at its forefront to develop entertaining and engaging games. Staying abreast with the latest trends emerging in the mobile game development industry has become the need of an hour. Let’s take a look at some of the top gaming trends that can revolutionize the gaming industry in 2019.

  • Console-Quality Mobile Games: 
    Having a console-quality game experience was the dream of every mobile gamer, which has now finally, came true. Most recently games like Fortnite and PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) have offered mobile players an opportunity to play at multiple platforms. This is a huge industry shift as mobile gamers across the globe are getting adapted to longer gaming sessions. Unlike in the past, smartphones are now much more powerful, which has made console-quality graphics a reality. This allows the game developers to create a unified experience across different platforms. In the near future, you’ll able to see a major shift towards high-quality mobile games.
  • Gaming Communities Need Cleaning Up: 
    Toxicity in the gaming community is nothing new and it continues to be a headache for mobile game developers to police and control. Also, cyber-bullying persist to play a major role in infecting gaming communities across mobile, PC and console.A competitive game play and ambiguity have developed enough toxic communities where there is a huge discussion regarding it on various forums.To combat toxic game communities, The Fair Play Alliance was created who hosted a summit during GDC. Its main aim is to battle bullies and trolls by chipping in industry’s finest practices for mobile game developers to stimulate healthy player relationships. Rovio, Epic, Riot, Blizzard, Twitch and Supercell are the part of the organization.
  • AR and AV Slowly Going Mainstream: 
    VR and AR are pretty much still alive in the gaming world. However, when it comes to mass adoption, these technologies face several challenges. As Augmented Reality (AR) requires lower hardware, it has remained to be more popular than compared to virtual reality (VR). Moreover, AR is also supported by ARCore and ARKit which makes it easier for the mobile game developers to build AR experience for mobiles.However, with various innovative games emerging in recent times, VR continues to be the platform for enthusiasts. It permits gamers to perform diverse tasks like raising virtual pets or interacting with them in the real world.With the advent of technologies, now e-commerce applications are enabling buyers to virtually position any product in their place. This allows them to make the right purchasing decision without moving out anywhere. The growing potential of AR and VR games has given a birth to the tremendous demand of the game developers who can introduce these technologies in the mobile games.
  • Game Discovery Challenge: 
    No matter how small or big the mobile game development is; they have to face a tough time in getting their game discovered. There is no denial of the fact that the mobile game marketplace is overcrowded and highly competitive, making it tougher for the game developers to get their game discovered in the app store.It has never been more important than ever to have a strong user acquisition strategy. Combining the organic growth vectors like SEO, word of mouth, ASO (App Store Optimization), the mobile game development company will have to build an effective user acquisition strategy to reach more and more users.Over the last years, even large game development companies have lost to small game developers who enacted on a better user acquisition strategy.
  • Next Billion Gamers:
    Presently, mobile game developers are looking for the chance to attract the next billion gamers. Particularly, in India which have hundreds of millions of smartphone users! The importance of the proper localization combined with the right understanding of India’s unique market is essential for the game development industry.

The mobile game development company needs to collaboratively work with the local publishers to properly promote and localize their game. Also, proper ASO and SEO strategies are highly crucial to have your app discovered in the app store. Since the market in India is dominated by Android, the companies might face some difficulties to break into these regions.

A Final Takeaway:

The message is loud and clear: Mobile gaming industry will continue to grow across the world. And if you are an enthusiastic game developer, you’d better fasten your belts to adapt to changes quickly. Console quality games are now finally possible. Innovative VR and AR experience can be pioneered on mobiles.

Mobile app development companies and developers need to find out how to bring their games to various specific locations instead of relying on global versions that might potentially not work to appeal to specific demographics. The challenges are gigantic but not impossible. All you need is new and robust strategies.

If you are willing to set a foot in the mobile game industry, stay tuned to read our next blog about important tips for successful mobile app development for beginners.