The software development industry is confronting terrific turmoil. Apps have become more popular than ever before! The software industry has entered a mature phase, and thus, the applications have become evident to meet the user’s needs.

While developing software, developers usually set sight on cloud storage, cyber security and artificial intelligence. But, what we need to remember here is that technology will always keep on evolving. A few years back, augmented reality (AR) was one of the most trending technologies that have conquered the market. It all started with the launch of Pokemon Go. Millions of people downloaded the app, but in an extremely short time, the game lost its popularity and so did the technology!

Technology is moving at lightning speed! This has led to the tremendous rise in the demand of the skilful software developers and many developers who are not updated with the trending technology have seen the door. With companies getting on-board with the trending technologies, developers demand for a few of the emerging technologies has gone up drastically.

Technologies come and go! That new technology you are hopping on and are all the rage now, may not be on the radar in 2019. As we are near the end of 2018, let’s have a glance at some of the most trending technologies that will mainstream in 2019.

Software Development Trends in 2018 - 2019

Trends in 2018 that will continue to grow in 2019

  1. Blockchain
  2. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  3. Progressive Web Apps
  4. Low Code Development
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Game Development


Blockchain, Ethereum, BitCoin, CryptocurrencyBlockchain gained immense popularity due to the Bitcoin revolution. But, it has its applications beyond that. In a layman language, blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of interconnected devices used to store data or information that cannot be copied, modified or stolen. By allowing the digital information to be distributed, but not copied, it has alleviated the need of the central entities and defined locations.

Several companies and industries are looking forward to adopting blockchain into their core business and development. It enables companies to authenticate and transact large-scale transactions without any expensive intermediaries. This helps in cost reduction.

Companies have already started adopting blockchain technology to develop software that can bring revolution in finance, healthcare and data storage industries.
The major players of the blockchain development are Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Amazon. This indicates the booming opportunity for the software developers, as organizations in every industry will be using blockchain to build applications. Thereby, the demand for the blockchain developers will explode.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an undoubtedly ingenious invention. According to the Markets and Markets (Ref:, the AI market will grow from $16.06 billion in 2017 to $190.61 billion by 2025. The latest study reveals that approximately 40% of businesses are looking forward to integrating AI in their applications to automate their process by as early as next year. This clearly indicates that AI will definitely remain trending for the next upcoming years.

artificial intelligence

The companies are planning to build applications based on AI to complete the transaction, guide the customers and support the workers. Chatbots have already gained immense popularity in the business world. Their influence forecasts the impact AI will have on software development. At present, we interact with AI assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.
Artificial Intelligence is highly competent in:

  • Automating multiple processes
  • Performing all business tasks
  • Making small and big data processes more efficient

Big data, smartphones, voice-activated home assistants are some of the practical applications of AI. Google, Slack and Facebook are leaders in AI development. Moreover, in the near future, Google is planning to develop its algorithms based on AI technology.

Regarding the future of AI – it is undeniable. If you are a devoted software developer, then you should definitely keep a watch on AI.

Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive web apps (PWAs) offer the best of both worlds – mobile applications and websites. It is an emerging concept, gaining immense popularity in the software industry. With improved speed, performance and promising offline capabilities, PWAs offer the advantages of the mobile experience combined with the best features of the latest browser technology. Moreover, as compared to conventional mobile apps, PWAs are less complex to develop and maintain.

Google has already begun developing browser features that act like mobile apps. Industries like banking, e-commerce and health care are adding more PWAs to offer access to a broader range of users.

Some examples of PWAs:

  • By using PWA, Tinder was able to reduce their overall page load time from 11.91 sec to 4.69 sec. You’ll be surprised to know that their PWA-based app is 90% smaller as compared to their native app.
  • MakeMyTrip introduced a new PWA in 2017 and noticed that their conversion rate increased by 3x.

Gartner has counted PWAs in its software technology trends report for 2017. PWAs have already gained considerable popularity and are expected to continue as a trend in 2019 and upcoming years.

Low Code Development:

As low code development provides a faster way of deploying enterprise-level applications, the technology has gained tremendous popularity among the businesses. This technology is overtaking traditional, labour-intensive waterfall model at a fast pace.

Software Development Planing, Low Code DevelopmentLow code development automates the tedious and repetitive development tasks which alleviate the need of technical analysts or a development team. One of the major benefits of low-code development is that it allows IT departments to meet the increasing demand for quick rollouts of new applications.

According to the leading analyst firm, Gartner (, by 2020, at least 50% of all new business applications will come adorned with high productivity toolsets, like no-code or low-code app development platforms. Some of the best low-code platforms are PowerApps, Google App Maker, Medix, Appian and Salesforce App Cloud.

The top applications of low-code include database managing applications, microservices-based applications, business-process managing applications, omni-channel platforms, etc.
Forrester ( says that the Low Code market is a high growth area and forecasts it to grow over $10 billion in 2019.

Cyber Security:

Security will always continue to remain a top-level concern. A study by the Ponemon Institute revealed that approx 55% of small-to-mid-sized businesses had experienced some kind of cyber attack. Any business that operates on cloud and has a digital presence is prone to cyber attack. Most attacks occur through automated software that looks for the vulnerability in networks and computers.
Moreover, a research ( by Alert Logic shows that 18% of the organisations reported at least 1 security incident in the past year. Some of the biggest concerns for cyber security professionals are:

  • Protecting data loss and leakage – 67%
  • Threats to data privacy – 61%
  • Breaches of confidentiality – 53%

This indicates that businesses are concerned about cyber security and are increasingly looking towards the software industry. This opens a new door of opportunities for the developers.

Game Development:

Game DevelopmentA recent Global Games Market Report forecast that by the end of 2018, more than 2.3 billion game enthusiasts will spend $137 billion on games. The same report claims that by 2021, gamers will be spending approx $180.1 billion, a CAGR of +10.3% between 2017 and 2021. By then, tablet and smartphone games combined will produce 59% of revenues in the entire market.

Interestingly, the majority of the monetarily successful games are actually free to download. Gamers have the ability to earn points to get additional privileges. If they don’t have the necessary points, they have the choice to buy it directly from their phone. This is an exceptional way for the developers to monetize.

However, with digitalization transitioning over the blockchain technology, we could soon see a more equal playing field – whereby both the end-user and developers have the opportunity of benefit.

The breeze of change is driving the mobile game industry to become one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic markets of today. This is like a golden opportunity for the elite developers to act as a modern media empires.

Final Words
In 2019 and beyond, businesses looking for a competitive advantage needs to stay abreast with these trending technologies. In the upcoming years, technologies are going to become more critical than ever for brand awareness, revenue generation and value creations, which raise the demand for a new business perspective to stay afloat during the disruptions.

Technology will always keep on evolving. As a software developer, you definitely need to keep looking for the trending technologies. After all, learning new languages and skills can surely help you stay ahead of the curve and make your profile stand out amongst the rest.