Successful way to completing software on time

Successful way to completing software on time

Every software developer will always want to finish their project faster and beat deadlines. But there is one thing we don’t have: which is time. We all try out best to finish the final product on time, be able to launch it on the promised date or deliver it to our clients as per promised date. But that doesn’t always materialize. Here are the few tips & tricks to demonstrate you a successful way to complete software on time.

In most cases, we always blame our slow coding pace for the delays. However, when you look deeper, there is something that keeps us from meeting deadlines or successfully finishing our projects on time. Let’s dive deep into the techniques we can all use to finish on time.

Don’t jump into coding – Plan First

As software engineers, we have a habit of jumping to start coding immediately we get a project. But just like any field, be it business, medicine, or technology, planning is a key. The secret to finishing your software development project on time is to plan. This will help you envision all the parts that will go into the project, the methods you will use to fit all these parts into a complete code etc.

In planning, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure that the entire project is divided into small, achievable units. This makes the managing the project a lot easier and thus reduce pressure.
  • Don’t deceive yourself into creating a perfect plan – you are not going for a lean at the bank. Your plan can just be a few drafts, however, with clear goals.
  • Over planning is a disease. Just because I mentioned planning, you might be drawn into planning too much, or spending so much of your time on the plan that they even forget of executing the real project.
  • Try using apps that help you write a plan with ease. For example, you can use Quip, Google Keep, OneNote from Microsoft, and Evernote to help you in planning and keep things organized.

Limit your workflow during the coding process

After your plan, your next step is to start coding. Remember that your workflow will start pilling up when you start the coding journey. Don’t get worked up at this stage. You need to reduce that. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that doing a bunch of things at a time will help you finish fast. You will be surprised to learn that as you increase multitasking, productivity tends to go down.

Apart from increasing your overall achievement in each stage of the coding process, a reducing in your workflow or Work in Progress will also help you root out all inefficiencies and challenges that might occur. And thus put you in a better position to finishing your software engineering project successfully.

Automate the testing process from the beginning

As software engineers, we know how early testing of our software is important to a complete, successful code. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is one that teaches us to start testing immediately we start coding so that quality issues are solved at the early stages before finalizing our code.

This testing process can be automated throughout the coding process, which is called TDD (Test Driven Development). This increases overall efficiency and protects your code at every stage and reduces the cost of development.

Make use of technology around you

You don’t have to make yourself a programming ‘GOD’ by coding everything. There are technologies that will help you move faster and finish your project early enough. There is a chunk of libraries and frameworks you can use to speed up the process:

  • Frameworks such as Meteor, AJAX, and jQuery will be useful if you are coding your program in JavaScript.
  • For an excellent user experience result, use Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, Foundation and Material UI, to increase productivity.
  • Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel, and Aura etc. will help those working in PHP.
  • For those working in css development, libraries such as hover.css, animate.css will help you apply excellent animation to your work. For more, you can visit cssdb
  • GitHub, BitBucket and other platforms are all there to help you manage your code repository.

If things are hard – try to get a coding buddy

Web Developer - Codding Buddy

Don’t try to be a jack of all trade. We all know that sometimes we can’t master almost every language we need. So seek help when you need other programs to be incorporated into your code. Remember the saying “two heads are better than one”.

When you exchange your coding expertise with a friend, you are bound to develop are more robust code, which will also help you finish your software engineering program faster.


These hacks might seem simple to you. But remember that ‘empty drops of water makes a mighty ocean’. And so keep practicing and you are bound to become a master who finishes all their code on time. Let me know your thoughts on a successful way to completing software on time.

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