Just as technological progress moves quicker than time, so is software engineering becoming the bedrock of the digital age. From our hand-held devices to quantum computing powers, emerging technologies to cyber security concerns, software engineering is no doubt the solution. For such a hot topic, it is not easy to predict what holds for individuals, organizations, and governments in the coming years. Let’s look at the current trend Software Development;

We take you behind the scenes of software engineering now, coming 2018 and beyond, as well as the tech giants driving innovation in this sector to a whole new level.

Cloud Software Development will rule

Current Trend Software Development - Cloud Computing
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Society would want to store and access data using multiple devices. More robust web applications need to be developed. Patching, software maintenance, and updates are becoming rampant – the cloud will be leveraged in all of these situations. Cloud computing will provide the new storage and enable software engineers to develop applications that provide better robustness, security, and functionality than ever possible. In (2018), about 30% of service-oriented firms will have their ERP Apps hosted on the Cloud according to Gartner.

Whiles Microsoft is pushing to enhance security, expand across the globe, and construct topologies of sophisticated networking tools that move disruptions in the cloud technological ecosystem, IBM, is also providing scalable, secure, and mobile-oriented cloud services. From IaaS to automation, security to data collection, and cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Bots, cloud-based companies are innovating and it will be a hot 2018 software engineering field to explore.

CDN Networks are coming strongly

These are distributed servers with a myriad of data centers found in diverse locations. This is done to provide end users with content on the auspices of user proximity. Why it matters? CDNs have proved to be a better anti-hacker platform, providing unparalleled security to data. The use of multiple PoPs (Points of Presence) in CDNs, where different copies of data are stored in different locations is the more reason why this software engineering field is becoming robust.

CDNs have come a long way and will be used in the future, just like its elder brother cloud computing, to store data in different locations as a way of enhancing security and increasing user experience. This is what makes it a future contender:

  • A more cost-effective e-commerce business – easing storage and distribution of content regardless of location.
  • It reduces the clogged that keeps the internet busy and messy sometimes, and thus provide quicker and better content delivery.
  • Users of CDNs get satisfied because of the seamless services provided.

From free CDNs like BootstrapCDN, CloudFlare, and Incapsula, to more commercial and traditional providers like Akamai, Azure CDN, Amazon’s CloudFront, and CDNetworks, the sector is a hot topic to look out for.

IoT Software Applications will become complex

Current Trend Software Development - Internet of things (IoT)
Internet of things (IoT)

The introduction of the internet was just the beginning of human connectivity. IoT has revolutionized the whole idea of connectivity. From the garden to the living room. From the home to the office, everywhere you turn, there are connected devices – thanks to the rapid growth of innovations in IoT.

We see data emerging gradually from devices. The Fitbit, the Amazon Echo, the Coffee pot, the wristwatch – to name but a few. From your body to the environment, the home to the factory, IoT is everywhere.

But how do these connected devices run? What helps them connect to one another? Behind the scenes is software that communicates to help you track your lost car key, monitor that elder at home, check your medication, and do a lot of other things.

Since the field is growing so fast, software engineers need to look smarter. The field will become more challenging. More problems will emerge and there will be the need for more sophisticated, innovative solutions. The future should really look up to this field.

Blockchain Software is the new “everything”

If you think Blockchain is still a buzzword, think again. And don’t confuse yourself either. Blockchain “IS NOT” cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a new technology – but terrifying. It’s very powerful – making it an exciting endeavor. The technology cuts across almost every sector. From healthcare to insurance, gaming to law enforcement, from banking to supply chains, and then from smart contracts to cryptocurrencies – blockchain is here to stay.

As a full technology that is coming with brute force, there will be, in the near future, a chunk of Fintechs creating blockchain-based software applications to help governments, individuals, and companies.

The success of any Fintech, however, will be based on two things: their commitment to the field (which many haven’t grasped yet) and their competence in creating state-of-the-art block-based systems that will record, store, and provide security for almost ‘everything’ on earth. The survival of a Fintech will then depend on how well it can leverage the software engineering field to develop the next big thing.


Cloud computing, IoT, Blockchain, and CDNs are trends to look out for in the software engineering ecosystem coming 2018 and beyond.

What are the software development trends do you think will shape the future? Please let me know your view.